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Diggy Dialekt hailing from the Northern Territory of Australia was raised on the US island of Guam. Both a rapper and songwriter, Diggy is known for his off the cuff freestyle ability as well as his songs which range from playful and witty to painting words which reflect the harsher realities of his life. Spending time battling in the underground LA circuit, Diggy navigated his way through the highly competitive freestyle scene to working with the legendary Sen Dog from Cypress Hill, garnering a million views for their song 'I'm in LA'. Shot in South Central Los Angeles, the song features appearances from Swisher House artists and one of the pioneers of Latin Hip Hop, Kid Frost. Nomadic by nature as well as circumstance, Diggy is known throughout the Mariana islands for his hit record Summertime which spent 6 weeks at the number spot on Power 98 and has since became a cult classic across the Pacific. Opening for the likes of Xzibit, Wiz Khalifa, Slick Rick, Raekwon & Ghostface Killer, his stage shows convey unmatched energy and verasity. He has the uncanny ability to deliver dark humour and his records serve as a social commentary delivered through a warped kelidoscope of artistry. In his own words , " I don't write songs, I write life". 




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Diggy Dialekt


  1. I'm In L.A
  2. When The Sun Goes Down
  3. Call Back
  4. Fortress
  5. Break It Down
  6. Go Getta
  7. Good Life
  8. Not Today
  9. Someone Like Me
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Now Playing · Diggy Dialekt-Clique Ft Nate Won,Universal, Sunny POC,Sudo Chick ,Sachiv, Psyentifik & Dantigen
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Diggy Dialekt-Clique Ft Nate Won,Universal, Sunny POC,Sudo Chick ,Sachiv, Psyentifik & Dantigen
CYPRESS HILL - I'M IN L.A - SEN DOG feat DIALEKT (produced by RYZ)
DIALEKT "Someone Like Me" featuring Demrick
Dialekt "Open Your Mind" featuring DC Sir & Nate Won
Diggy Dialekt


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